Our Story

Hello! My name is Kai, the artisan behind Le Quillery. Our home studio is currently based in Daegu, South Korea.

My love for paper bloomed at a very young age. I started drawing, making origami, and collecting all kinds of paper goods. A few years ago, I tried an interesting form of art that involved rolling strips of paper and I never stopped since. I graduated with a degree in a completely different field, but working with paper has always been my passion. Everyday, I strive to develop and improve my technique.

Photo by Tiffany Hudson Films

About Le Quillery
 Le Quillery began in May 2014, after about a year of living in Germany. We move often due to my husband's job, and it has been difficult to find work in my field so I started to look for an alternative. I shared some of my work with some of the local groups and to my surprise, it gained their interest. At first, I wasn't convinced starting a creative business was feasible. It was my husband who gave encouraged to do so. He kept reminding me that this is an opportunity to follow my dreams. After a long deliberation, I decided to go for it. We came up with a business name, did the paperwork, and after a few weeks, Le Quillery became official.

Ever since then, I have been attending local craft shows while constantly trying improve my online presence. Now, I have realized that this is what truly want to do and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to run my own business. Thank you for all your support! Every little thing means so much to me!



Le Quillery Booth at KMCC Ramstein, Germany


Rhinelander Craft Fair. May 7

KMCC Ramstein. April 11-17

Ramstein Antique and Craft Bazaar. March 5-6

KMCC Ramstein. January 13-17


Baumholder Craft Fair. December 13

Ramstein Antique and Craft Bazaar. November 14-15 / December 5-6

Eifel Holiday Bazaar. October 23-25

Ramstein Antique and Craft Bazaar. March 14-15 / October 17-18 


Ramstein Antique and Craft Bazaar. October 18-19 / November 15-16 / December 6-7