Worldwide Shipping and Local Pickup Available

Worldwide Shipping and Local Pickup Available


  • A sweet cosmos encased in a glass pendant hanging from a Sterling silver chain. It is often called the flower of peace and tranquility. When given as a gift to a romantic partner, the cosmos represents the notion of walking together hand in hand, or to express the joys that love and life can bring. It is also considered to be the October birth flower and 2nd wedding anniversary flower.

    Our cosmos is handmade from paper. The piece you will receive will slightly vary from the photos as every flower is cut and formed by hand, making them very unique. It is permanently sealed inside the vial so you can keep it close and treasure it for years to come.



    Pendant: 37mm x 15mm
    Chain: .925 Sterling silver with springing clasp
    Chain length:  18 inches
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